Comstock Township Announcements

From adopting new language in our local ordinances to highlighting the details of national insurance programs, the Charter Township of Comstock is committed to keeping our residents informed, up to date and in possession of the knowledge that they need to enjoy their lives in our vibrant community. Be sure to check here often, as the rapid growth that the Township is undergoing necessitates frequent updates.

Metro Route 20 East Comstock Pilot Project End

Over the past year, Metro has been operating the Route 20 East Comstock Route as a pilot route to determine if the community would use a bus route serving the eastern portion of Comstock Township and the City of Galesburg area.

We have reviewed the past year’s ridership and determined that we will not continue to have the bus route starting January 6, 2020.  Metro staff is in the process of posting signs as bus stops along the route that notify passengers of this change as well as reaching out to businesses and the community about the elimination of the route. 

For those needing transportation, we have Metro Connect who provides curb to curb service in the community (269) 337-8477.  Metro also provides carpool and vanpool assistance through our Ridesharing Program at  Free carpool/vanpool matching is available.  We are also available to assist in getting vanpools established by reaching out to companies and informing employees about the ridesharing program.

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